Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sativah's iPad Animated Production - Incy Wincy Spider.

A few students from Room 7 took part in some training on how to use Puppet Pals and Brushes on the iPads to produce their own animated nursery rhyme.  Children had to plan their animations, choose their characters, create backgrounds and record their work.  It all adds up to storytelling in the digital age.

A few,

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ms Jaemie Sheck...teaching up a storm in Room 7.

We have a student teacher in Room 7.  She's enthusiastic and loves to help us learn.  Room 7 is loving being hosts to Ms Jaemie Sheck. We're learning heaps from her and we're sure she's learning from us too!!!

Introducing Ms Jaemie Sheck...she's been in Room 7 for nearly 3 weeks now...Four more to go...we love having her with us!

Room 7 Adjective Hunters.  Miss Sheck teaching a writing lesson. 

Deep in thought!!!

Rhi Rhi working hard on her writing.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Learning in the 21st Century...Strathmore has iPads!!!

The world is becoming increasingly digital.   The school has purchased iPads to enhance the children's learning.  Reluctant writers are all of sudden motivated to write.  Research is a breeze with your own access to the internet.  Exciting times!!! 

Writing stories about ourselves.
Sativah concentrating hard.
Luka the author.

This is how Ms Tereu loves her learners.  Totally engaged!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Strathmore's Picton Voyage

Ahoy me hearties....Strathmore Seniors, our fantastic camp parents and our teachers travelled to Picton today.  (Yes, the TeddyU's came as well hehe)

It was a wee bit choppy but once we found our sea legs, it was totally awesome!  We saw a pod of dolphins, it was fantastic!

We're back at camp getting ready for our dinner, concert then disco...Yaye!!!

Onboard the Kaitaki.  We're heading South.

Ranginui and Keawe in our lounge.

Refreshments in the cafe.

BJ and Isaiah relaxing in the lounge.

Lunch at Picton...Yum!

Rayvn's King of the World (well Disney World anyway lol)

Ruthie practicing her pirate skills.

Boarding the Kaitaki again.

Cousinly love - Manea and Keawe clowning around..

Oops a bit out of order but here's the boys on Picton.

Family Shot after our voyage South!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The TeddyU's visit the Nation's Capital

For anyone who's been in Room 7, you will know all about the TeddyU's.  These are special Room 7 students who are named after Ms Tereu's favourite academics...we have Ranginui Walker-TeddyU, Sir Albert Wendt-TeddyU and Sir Tom Davis-TeddyU...unfortunately Tana Umaga-TeddyU has been lost.  We'll hold a memorial for him shortly. 

The TeddyU's are well travelled.  They've already been to Wellington before.  It'll be their second time on the ferry tomorrow. 

Here's some of the action they've been up too in 2013.

Ranginui at the City to Sea Bridge

Ranginui being an arty bear with Teagan at the Art Gallery.

Sir Albert about to save Lucas from the trolls clutches hehe

On the waterfront...

Watching over our completed art work.

Sir Tom before he was rescued from the troll by his Room 7 peers.

Sir Albert with Room 2 on Mt Victoria

Sir Tom checking out the crown jewel replicas at the Museum of City and Sea

Ranginui with Sativah and Aunty Martha at the Planetarium

Jim and Sir Tom with the troll

Back at the Weta Cave

Room 1's Wonderful Wednesday in Wellington.

Looking cool outside Parliament

Brooklyn and Sharnee

Parliament Posers

Too cool for school

Robert and Greeco

Robert the Sharkie with a whole lot of BUTTERFLIES in the background bwahaha

On Mt Victoria, Miss Vano and Isaiah

Looking good on Mt Vic - Keawe.

Enjoying the view...

Pretty oh I mean handsome boys

Hmmmm what's with all the butterflies hahaha
Robert the Sharkie and the butterfly.

The sign says it all

Don't let the trolls get you!

My preeeeciousssss


Where's your dragon Jane?